Moving Made Easy

Posted on 28th, Jan 22

Moving would be one of the most fun activities if it didn’t involve all of the hard work. While there is the new house, that needs decorating and maybe one or two changes, the old house needs to be emptied and all of your belongings have to be transported. Thanks to a few easy tricks and reminders, your move can be a lot easier than you may think. Your local Sutherland Shire Removalist team has compiled a great list of some easy tricks that will help you move more relaxed.

Don’t bring everything

As you are going through all of the closets, the attic, basement, your old treasure chest and whatever else may be keeping things in your household, you will probably come across some things that you either haven’t seen before (or that you simply can’t remember), as well as those things that you know you haven’t used in months or even years. Upon finding such things, it would be wise if you separated them from those things that you actually do need and think about whether you could sell any of the unwanted stuff. Having a yard sale can bring in some needed cash for your move, the decoration of your new home or maybe even a nice weekend in a nice little hotel; the possibilities are endless. In addition, you can get the kids to do the selling for you and have them show you their best sales-man impression. It is fun for the whole family and promises both the moving as well as the packing will be much easier and enjoyable.

Make sure your valuables are safe

Valuables that are easily breakable such as TVs and other electronics need to be well taken care of. Old blankets, sheets and comforters can provide just the cushioning that they will need in order to stay in pristine condition. Wrap them tightly and then place them in a box if you wish. You should definitely mark on the box that it shouldn’t be resting upside down and that no heavy objects should be placed on top. Otherwise, you will still jeopardize some broken electronics on your moving day. If you have a lot of glass and porcelain dishes, like plates, bowls and vases, make sure that you have some old newspapers ready. You can wrap your glass dishes in it and then neatly stack it. The better your dishes are stacked and the tighter the box is packed, the smaller your chance will be of having to throw out any once you are at your destination. You can get more information on the safety of your valuables by talking to your friendly and professional Sutherland Shire Home Removalist representative.

Start your move early

Many people underestimate the time that it takes to load all of the boxes and furniture up, to drive it to the new location and to unload. That is why many people find themselves finishing off the job in the dark. Unfortunately, this will also increase your chance of accidents. Therefore, you should start earlier and rather be done with some time to spare before night falls. Your local professionals of the Sutherland Shire Removalist team will gladly tell you more, help you or even take care of everything for you.

Call us

There is nothing wrong with going the easy way. After all it is also the smart thing to call in the professionals. You will be able to relax on the day and not have to worry about a thing. If you wish, we will even come in and help you with all of the packing! Call us at 02 9737 1177.