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Moving with Children- Take these Tips

Posted on 28th, Jan 22

One of the most essential elements of a move is planning; and, when you have children, the stress of a move is more complex Moving with children takes additional planning, creates more concern, and there is more work involved. Like adults, children sense stress, and many become insecure with change. Before you begin to plan and implement your move, take these tips on moving with toddlers from Sutherland Shire Removalist into consideration. They will help you to survive.

Moving with Children

Children feel as though they have lost their rights when you tell them that the family will be relocating. The reason is simple, most often they do not have any say so in the situation. It is important to make children feel as comfortable and adjust them to the move as possible. You can make the move and transition easier by following the tips below.

  1. Have a family meeting and make a new home wish list. By including the children on simple things like things they wish for- their dog to sleep on their bed in the new place, or a bigger backyard to play in, converting the basement into a playroom, etc. your children will feel more included as well as feel as though they have some authority in the move.
  2. When shopping for a new home, include the children, bringing them along on your house hunting. If you start your search online, gather the kids around the computer and view homes together, discussing what you like about each of the homes and bookmarking their favorites.
  3. Allow your children to choose the decor of their new room. Bring paint swatches home and allow your children to choose the color of their new room, if you are buying new bedding, allow your children to begin to plan their bedding, if the children will be having a character room, allow the children to begin to plan. Get out the color crayons or a notebook and colored pencils and let them draw how they visualise their room. If they are toddlers, incorporate your ideas, such as drawing the new room with your children in your ideas as well as theirs.
  4. When packing, give your child / children a box to decorate that will be used to move their favorite things. Get colored markers, stickers, etc. and make it a box that they will pack all their precious treasures into and transport in the vehicle, keeping it close to them at all times.
  5. Purchase a phone book for your child / children and throw a goodbye party, inviting all their friends. During the party, be sure your child / children gets each friends phone number. Goodbye parties are especially important as the child / children will have closure with their friendships. If you are unable to throw a goodbye party, then have a party at school. Bring cupcakes and ask the teacher to be responsible for having all the kids write their name, address and phone number in your child’s phone book.
  6. Take your child / children to your new neighborhood before you move. Acquaint them with their new school, if possible, introduce them to their new teacher and sit in on a class, visit the local park, stop for lunch at the hamburger joint, etc. Taking the time to allow them to get to know their new surroundings and all the excitement it has to offer will help them transition much better.
  7. Visit all your child’s favorite places in the neighborhood before you leave. Visit that special spot in the park where they like to play frisbee, stop at their babysitters for one final goodbye, go to their favorite eatery or ice cream parlor, etc.
  8. Make a memory book with your child / children, including photos of them and their friends, their room, your home and all their favorite places in your current neighborhood.
  9. Together, say goodbye to your old home. A great time is to reminisce during your last meal in the home- ask each child what their favorite memory of the home is and share yours, as well.

Moving with children can be difficult. The important thing is to make the children as comfortable as possible. By including the children on the move, allowing them a little authority and helping them to transition, you will find much happier children.

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