Moving ?

Posted on 28th, Jan 22

THE DAY has arrived. You wake up, get up, and get going. Despite your ready attitude towards your move ahead, the thought hits you and you wonder ‘Did I get everything I need for THE DAY?’ Yes, it is moving day and though there is a focus on getting things organized and ready for transporting, there is always room for error, lots of stress, and back breaking effort to move successfully. ‘Why?’ you wonder, did you think you could do this on your own?


You’re given a second opportunity to start fresh. THE DAY arrives again. You wake up, get up, and get your day started. You’re an office manager or a homeowner who is selling your home and moving to another city, or town. This time around, you’ve bested yourself. You’ve hired a removalist company to assist you with your move. You either contacted colleagues who’ve been responsible for moving an office, or family friends who knew they couldn’t move all their household goods in the family truck. You have your regular cup of Decaf coffee and wait for the team of movers to arrive. The removalist company will take care of you and everything you want to move. They will do so safely and with a focus on minimizing damage to your household and office fare.

The Heavy Of It

Moving. When you look at the whole picture it seems very easy to do. But did you know logistics play a major role in closing down an office, or selling a home to relocate? People, supplies and an open schedule are needed. Hiring a removalist company has advantages. The company will provide the packing items you need. They will have a professional team of movers to come to your location. Each piece of furniture you own will be wrapped with care and put on the truck they bring with them. They handle the heavy items like lifting couches and bookcases, and even the office machines. Taking furniture apart, or putting pieces together again is no hard task as the removalist company you utilize will have years of experience doing so. You may want to avoid doing some tasks that come with moving like packing out, or when you arrive at the new office/home location, putting items in place. Top of the line removalistcompanies offer these services. When you request a quote, just ask about the extra services your chosen company provides. Your move doesn’t have to be like Mom’s and Pop’s when you were a kid. Let the removalist company do the heavy of it.

Legally Speaking

Talking about Mom and Pop, planning a move has its legal issues, too. When your parents moved your family’s household goods, the move may have equaled that of a basic move provided by most removalist companies. You remember it well, right? Instead of a team of professional movers trained in heavy lifting, several of your Mom and Pop’s friends assisted. They came to your house, helped to load up boxes and bulky items and then drove to the new home to unload the vehicle. In some cases, Mom and Pop went solo, loading up the prepaid van with everything themselves — heavy items, boxes and the like, never considering if they could legally do so. Driving a sizeable van to the new home or office location requires the driver to have the appropriate license and paperwork. Anyone taking on the task of driving a large moving van, without the necessary legal documents, runs the risk of being stopped by the law. And honestly, who really wants the headache?

Cream On Top

Where’s the silver lining in all this fancy smancy talk about hiring a removalist company? You know you could hire any company to handle the move you have planned over several weeks ago. You know you’ve found the best quotes either by fast dialing the yellow pages, or taking the referrals of friends and colleagues and investigating the best removalist companies in your area. All said and done, the cream on the top comes with knowing you won’t have to worry about your valuable possessions on a personal, or professional level because the removalist company offers insurance. This added assurance offers the person or company moving peace of mind that if anything should go wrong, things are covered. Insurance means you won’t have to worry about friends getting hurt as they help you move.

Pet Peeves?

Experiencing discontent because you want you a great company to help you move. Turning to Sutherland Shire Removalist in the local Australian community means no pet peeves. It definitely means fair service for all.